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Tamseel is a mobile storyteller and public engagement enthusiast. He's the CEO and founder People Like Us Create (PLUC) that enables the next generation of storytellers to create compelling fact check stories in new media formats and houses multiple platforms that help people do it.

pluc.tv India's first premium storytelling network for the 99% internet users, they create shows and stories on health, gender, new age journalism, internet inequality amongst others, and letmebreathe.in India's largest platform for climate change and sustainability stories.

These platforms power community-first virtual narratives and enable them via training, issue-specific skills, AR  for cheap mobile phones, multi-lingual storytelling and policy-level impact. Pluc.tv currently hosts 40+ shows made by and for mobile phones. They are genre-defining, by the 99% of the population, about the issues that shape the world we live in, giving a new space for content that can be described as activist-tainment.

Tamseel has over a decade worth of experience in digital transformation and social media with organisations like Change.org, Oxfam India, he has extensively worked with tech companies, non-profits, students, policymakers and media houses India, South East and the Middle East. Pluc partners with organizations like United Nations, Twitter India, Snapchat, TikTok to name a few.

He has trained more than 30000 people in India on Mobile Journalism, that includes Scientists and Doctors leading India's response to COVID- 19, Farmers, Policy Experts, Media houses like Asianet, Journalists and students to name a few. He worked extensively during various Humanitarian crisis in Kashmir, Nepal and now COVID  to name a few.

You can also find his stories published in CNN international, Guardian and Channel News Asia

Tamseel Hussain will feature in...

25 June 2020
18:15 SGT

Crisis Reporting

The collective People Like Us Create (PLUC) from India is not only extensively reporting on Covid-19, but also training people in crisis. They showcase best practices by their collaborators in this chapter of our Masterclass on Crisis Reporting and share their different workflows. Although the current pandemic is a focal point of the Masterclass, reporting under other critical circumstances is covered as well.

25 June 2020
18:15 SGT

Launch: Masterclass on Crisis Reporting

This year’s Masterclass focuses on Crisis Reporting. Although the current pandemic is a focal point of the Masterclass, reporting under other critical circumstances is covered as well. The different chapters of the Masterclass highlight the topic from different angles.

1. Reporting on Multiple Crisis Scenarios – PLUC
The collective “People Like Us Create” (PLUC) from India shares best practices from their collective approach on Crisis Reporting.

2. Battleground PolyU – DJ Clark
Learn how to create an immersive multimedia story with DJ Clark from Hong Kong, who reported on the local protests with a 360 degree sound and camera system. Check out how he gears up for dangerous missions in his Lightning Talk.

3. Mental Health in MOJO – Sanne Breimer
Are you stressed working as a journalist? You are not alone! Get out of the journalist’s stress trap with this seminar, in which industry experts share their experiences on coping with difficult situations. A podcast with Amantha Perera (DART Center) compliments this chapter.

4. Teaching Mojo to vulnerable groups – Faten Jebai
Multimedia journalist Faten Jebai shares her experience in teaching MOJO to refugees in Lebanon and shows best practices from her workshops. 

5. Editing and reporting from home – U. Singh
NDTV-Journalist Umashankar Singh shares with us how he is coping with the pandemic from a mobile journalism point of view in one of our Lightning Talks.

6. Creating a collaborative remote newsroom – Tito Ambyo
Check out how Tito Ambyo’s students defied the pandemic and set up a fully fledged newsroom that allows remote collaboration.

7. MOJO in reconciliation processes in Sri Lanka – MediaCorps
Read up on how a project helps to bring people together with the connecting power of Mobile Journalism in this blog post.

26 June 2020
15:00 SGT

Community Engagement

Good journalism requires long-term trust building, strong people skills and inclusion of diverse voices. These qualities become even more important when engaging with communities and empowering them to report from their own point of view. This panel covers it all with best practices from leading organisations across Asia Pacific with a key focus on strategies in engaging with an increasingly distracted and polarised world, with fake news and disinformation as the plague. How can media outfits localise effectively to mobilise relevant content that promotes and represents marginalised voices?

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