Suman Basnet

Suman Basnet is a media professional from Nepal.

He currently serves as the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). He works closely with community broadcasters and advocates of freedom of expression to promote people’s right to broadcast, to strategize for people’s participation, and to promote sustainability of community radios. Policy advocacy, supporting marginalized communities to access community broadcasting, promotion of gender diversity in community radios, technological adaptation, network development and using community radios for disaster risk reduction are some of his main areas of work.

Suman started his career in broadcasting in 1987 as a TV producer, eventually moving to print media and working as an independent documentary filmmaker until 2002 when he joined AMARC.

In addition to organizing numerous International seminar and conferences in different parts of the world, Suman has spoken in International symposiums, workshops and seminars on issues ranging from media legislation to community participation, and from sustainable growth of community media to building alliances with social movement in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of his main interests is to study media's role in peace building and conflict resolution and to learn how theories can be transformed into actions in everyday community-media work.

Suman has a University Degree in Business Management and a diploma in Journalism.

He can be contacted at [email protected]

Suman Basnet will feature in...

26 June 2020
15:00 SGT

Community Engagement

Good journalism requires long-term trust building, strong people skills and inclusion of diverse voices. These qualities become even more important when engaging with communities and empowering them to report from their own point of view. This panel covers it all with best practices from leading organisations across Asia Pacific with a key focus on strategies in engaging with an increasingly distracted and polarised world, with fake news and disinformation as the plague. How can media outfits localise effectively to mobilise relevant content that promotes and represents marginalised voices?

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