Rob Layton

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I teach mobile journalism and smartphone photography at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia. My work and industry engagement has earned me a global reputation as an authority in this field, as I train journalists and industry professionals in Australia, Europe, the UK and Asia in how to use their phones professionally. I am regularly invited to run workshops and speak at international mobile journalism conferences (industry and academia).

I specialise in computational and underwater iPhone photography and filmmaking, which are foundational to my PhD project. In that, I combine two of my greatest passions – photography and surfing – in a series of video documentaries about Gold Coast surf culture.

My work is showcased around the world and I am very fortunate to have forged good relationships with organisations and individuals who are global industry leaders.

A portfolio of my mobile photography can be seen here:

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27 June 2020
13:00 SGT

Mobile Photography for News and Features

In this comprehensive course, Mobile Photography is explored from A to Z by renowned expert and university lecturer, Rob Layton. Recommendations on MOJO Apps, gear and accessories are combined with practical tips on how to use them. Rob also offers insights on how to use computational photography for your work and shares his editing workflow. Not to be missed!

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27 June 2020
15:30 SGT

Mobile Photography Editing

Renowned expert and university lecturer, Rob Layton shares his editing workflow in a comprehensive and detailed way – get the best out of your pictures by following Rob’s tips and tricks!

Check out the first part of Rob’s course, Mobile Photography for News and Features, as well!