Norman Chella

I interview people, build communities and create things. Ex-Head of Marketing at a Japanese FinTech company.

I provide freelance work for podcasting companies as a rainmaker (copywriter, digital marketer, producer, etc.).

I coach high-performance students in memory and speed-reading techniques.

I'm a big believer of podcasting, knowledge work, polymathic thinking, and much more. I read far and wide. Mostly active on Twitter.

All my blogposts, shows, etc. can be found at ThatsTheNorm.

Norman Chella will feature in...

27 June 2020
11:00 SGT

MOJO 2020 Podcast Series

Welcome to the MOJO Asia Podcast Series!

Our conference focuses on all aspects of MoJo and this series puts industry experts in the spotlight.

All published episodes are collected here, with detailed write-ups available.

DJ Clark interviewed Christoph Koitka from our team prior to the conference for his podcast on – check out that bonus episode here.

‘First and foremost, a mobile journalist is a journalist’. Philip Bromwell, mojo pioneer and head of Digital Native Content at RTÉ in Ireland, in conversation with Norm Chella of Podlovers Asia.

In this podcast, Philip talks about his ‘mojo’ journey, and about how a workflow built around smartphones has informed a mobile-first, social-first and audience-first approach to storytelling.