Nicolás Guzmán

Nicolás Guzmán is a freelance political journalist. He has worked for newspapers in Chile -El Mercurio and La Tercera- and Spain. He has also written in Tageszeitung from Berlin and in the Latin American department of Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany.

Nicolás Guzmán will feature in...

27 June 2020
16:00 SGT

Global Perspectives on MOJO

Mobile Journalism is a global phenomenon. On this panel, KAS Media Programme directors Christoph Plate (Sub-Saharan Africa) and Christoph Grabitz (Asia) share their experience with MOJO from two distinct regions. They will provide an organisational perspective on the importance of Media Development Cooperation, globally. The JONA Programme, the journalism academy of KAS in Germany, is represented by Anca Specht on this panel. She will elaborate on journalistic education and its need for keeping an open eye on global dynamics. Nicolás Guzmán will provide the perspective on an active journalist, with insights from South America and Germany.

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