Mohamed Azad

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Mohamed Azad is a human rights lawyer who is currently functioning as the Program Director of SDJF. He is holding a Bachelor of Law degree from the Open University of Sri Lanka. Prior to joining SDJF, Azad has been the Country Representative of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in Sri Lanka and managed projects with journalists on investigative journalism.

He is an expert in Right to Information (RTI) Act and has trained journalists, civil society members and government officials across the country on RTI/ATI. He is also an international trainer and facilitator; he has facilitated more than 20 international and over 300 local training modules. He has represented Sri Lanka in a number of international media related conferences as a speaker and conducted research on “Media landscape and Investigative Journalism” in Sri Lanka leading to publications.

Mohamed Azad will feature in...

26 June 2020
14:30 SGT

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