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26 June 2020
15:00 SGT

Community Engagement

Good journalism requires long-term trust building, strong people skills and inclusion of diverse voices. These qualities become even more important when engaging with communities and empowering them to report from their own point of view. This panel covers it all with best practices from leading organisations across Asia Pacific with a key focus on strategies in engaging with an increasingly distracted and polarised world, with fake news and disinformation as the plague. How can media outfits localise effectively to mobilise relevant content that promotes and represents marginalised voices?

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27 June 2020
11:00 SGT

MOJO 2020 Podcast Series

Welcome to the MOJO Asia Podcast Series!

Our conference focuses on all aspects of MoJo and this series puts industry experts in the spotlight.

All published episodes are collected here, with detailed write-ups available.

DJ Clark interviewed Christoph Koitka from our team prior to the conference for his podcast on – check out that bonus episode here.

Going mobile and staying at home
Journalism is undergoing one of the greatest disruptions in the industry’s history. Thousands of journalists are turning to mobile devices,...
Putting the ‘mobile’ in mobile journalism
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is a German organization, and I can’t help wondering whether one of the most persistent arguments in...

Is mojo the way to sustainable broadcast journalism? Mobile journalism newsroom entrepreneurs Michael Rosenblum and Kartini Arrifin, in conversation with Mojo Asia Conference co-organiser, Corinne Podger.

Now, what if you could reduce the cost of running a television or radio station by at least an order of magnitude, possibly more? Would that bring sustainability within reach?

That’s the question two entrepreneurs on opposite sides of the planet have built their businesses around answering, and for both of them it’s a firm ‘yes’.

Mobile journalist freelance journalists Jun Aguirre and Sara Pathirana, in conversation with Mojo Asia Conference co-organiser, Corinne Podger.

To be a successful freelancer, you don’t just need the ability to spot and tell a great story. You also need the equipment to create professional quality content for outlets who will pay you for your work. 

Smartphones have forever changed the freelance landscape, opening up the journalism industry to thousands of reporters, particularly in developing countries, by making it possible for them to cover and sell video and audio stories.