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Mobile journalist freelance journalists Jun Aguirre and Sara Pathirana, in conversation with Mojo Asia Conference co-organiser, Corinne Podger.

To be a successful freelancer, you don’t just need the ability to spot and tell a great story. You also need the equipment to create professional quality content for outlets who will pay you for your work. 

Smartphones have forever changed the freelance landscape, opening up the journalism industry to thousands of reporters, particularly in developing countries, by making it possible for them to cover and sell video and audio stories.

Having these journalists cover their own stories has also changed the tone of journalism globally. We don’t need to parachute a well-equipped foreigner or reporter from a metropolitan centre into a story any more. Somewhere, on the ground, there’s almost always a superbly capable journalist who can provide high quality coverage, and provide the richness of local nuance and context.

In this podcast, we’ll hear from two freelancers – Jun Aguirre, who has been working in the tourist island of Borocay in the Philippines as a mobile video journalist and photographer for the past 10 years, and Sara Pathirana, a freelance writer from Sri Lanka whose career took an unexpected turn last year when she did her first mobile journalism course and helped set up Sri Lanka’s new Centre for Media and Information Literacy.

Jun and Sara are in conversation with Corinne Podger. Corinne is founder and director of the Digital Skills Agency, through which she provides training and consultancy to newsrooms and NGOs on mobile journalism, podcasting, social media, and news revenue. She also lectures in Online Journalism at the University of Sydney, and is the co-organiser of the Mobile Journalism Conference for Asia

Corinne Podger

Corinne Podger