The radio station in your pocket

Ann Charles, radio engineer and consultant for Broadcast Bionics, in conversation with radio journalist Raffy Cabristante.

Mobile journalism is often seen as being synonymous with video journalism, but radio was the first broadcast industry to adopt smartphones, because microphone technology on mobiles achieved broadcast quality long before the onboard cameras did.

Integrating smartphones into radio workflow is a passion for Ann Charles, who has been working in the radio industry as a producer and broadcast engineer for more than a decade. 

Ann’s career has embraced both radio programme-making and working on broadcast infrastructure projects as a trainer and consultant. She has spent much of her career working for the BBC, and also travels the world as a radio workflow consultant for Broadcast Bionics

Ann is also the co-founder of TBC Media Ltd, which has been running Radio TechCon, the UK radio and audio industry’s technical and engineering conference, since 2016.

Ann is also a respected thought leader on the use of smartphones to create radio content, and on the transformative effect mobile phones have had on radio workflows in newsrooms around the world. 
In this podcast she is in conversation with Raffy Cabristante, a print, broadcast, and online journalist based in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Raffy Cabristante

Raffy Cabristante