Podcast Series

How is Covid-19 affecting journalists’ mental health? Amantha Perera, journalist and Regional Coordinator for Asia at DART Center for Journalism and Trauma in conversation with freelance journalist, media development consultant and mobile journalism trainer, Sanne Breimer.

In this podcast, let’s talk about the broad array of challenges currently facing journalists as they do their jobs, how these challenges can impact on our mental health, and how to approach conversations about mental wellbeing in our newsrooms.

The radio station in your pocket. Ann Charles, radio engineer and consultant for Broadcast Bionics, in conversation with radio journalist Raffy Cabristante.

Mobile journalism is often seen as being synonymous with video journalism, but radio was the first broadcast industry to adopt smartphones, because microphone technology on mobiles achieved broadcast quality long before the onboard cameras did. Hear from Ann Charles, who has been working in the radio industry as a producer and broadcast engineer for more than a decade.

‘First and foremost, a mobile journalist is a journalist’. Philip Bromwell, mojo pioneer and head of Digital Native Content at RTÉ in Ireland, in conversation with Norm Chella of Podlovers Asia.

In this podcast, Philip talks about his ‘mojo’ journey, and about how a workflow built around smartphones has informed a mobile-first, social-first and audience-first approach to storytelling.

How to improve your investigative journalism skills? Giannina Segnini, director of the Master of Science Data Journalism Program at Columbia University in New York, in conversation with multimedia journalist Kelly Ng.

What makes a great investigative journalist, and how journalism as a sector needs to connect more effectively with audiences on issues like racism and misinformation? Hear from Giannina Segnini, a multiple award-winning  data journalist who has worked in investigative reporting for more than 30 years.

Is mojo the way to sustainable broadcast journalism? Mobile journalism newsroom entrepreneurs Michael Rosenblum and Kartini Arrifin, in conversation with Mojo Asia Conference co-organiser, Corinne Podger.

Now, what if you could reduce the cost of running a television or radio station by at least an order of magnitude, possibly more? Would that bring sustainability within reach?

That’s the question two entrepreneurs on opposite sides of the planet have built their businesses around answering, and for both of them it’s a firm ‘yes’.

Mobile journalist freelance journalists Jun Aguirre and Sara Pathirana, in conversation with Mojo Asia Conference co-organiser, Corinne Podger.

To be a successful freelancer, you don’t just need the ability to spot and tell a great story. You also need the equipment to create professional quality content for outlets who will pay you for your work. 

Smartphones have forever changed the freelance landscape, opening up the journalism industry to thousands of reporters, particularly in developing countries, by making it possible for them to cover and sell video and audio stories.