My Report – A Community Of, For and By the People

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The Quint’s My Report is a community platform for citizen journalists to tell us what’s making news in their home turf and neighbouring areas. A persuasive initiative, My Report empowers –YOU – the citizen to amplify and resolve community-based issues.

These stories help uncover local yet important concerns which are barely brought to light by mainstream media. The primary tool to report is a mobile phone. We believe this democratises the process of news gathering and leads to inclusive journalism.

The process is simple, direct, and personal. People reach out to us via WhatsApp, mail, or The Quint’s social platforms. Alternatively, we also scan the social platforms to identify an issue that needs attention. Then, we connect with the citizen journalist. 

It’s been three years since My Report was launched and the sheer volume of stories/submissions we have received so far has helped unearth local issues that resonate with the citizen community.

We’ve gone beyond borders with steady submissions from neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. In fact, our community grew many folds during the lockdown period when citizens residing abroad (London, New York, Rome, Tokyo) shared their COVID-19 lockdown stories with us. It continues to grow, and as of May 2020, we have worked with more than 911 citizen journalists from across the country. The outreach is still a challenge because bandwidth and adoption of technology remains limited in some smaller towns and cities.

Amid the total lockdown in India, work from home (WFH) became the new normal, but this did not pose any hindrance in the outreach for My Report.

The drive has also helped effect change.

Amar Gaur from Sonipat, Haryana, got in touch to highlight the poor conditions of the COVID-19 quarantine ward of the Civil Hospital on 18 March.

The My Report editorial team reached out to the hospital and questioned the authorities but they refused to comment. After our follow-up and a subsequent report, the authorities sprang into action.  


“After I got it reported in the ‘My Report’ section of The Quint published on 19 March. I was discharged from the ward on 19 March itself when my test result for COVID-19 came back negative. I was not able to go back to the ward but I happened to get pictures from the ward the next day, all the basic sanitisation conditions of the ward had been met, sanitizers and soaps were available. All the open gutters and sewers were fixed, drinking water and clean bedsheets were available. So all in all, My Report of The Quint helped”. – Amar Gaur

Muzzafar Ahmad Mir (from Kashmir) got in touch, to raise his plea against the Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS). Read the full story here.

The My Report team reached out to the university, but they declined to comment. After a couple of weeks, the university declared Mir’s result.


“The Quint had reached out to the concerned authorities to find out the cause of the delay. It was after continuous calls from The Quint that our results were declared and our admission too got confirmed. Thanks so much, The Quint, for highlighting this issue.” – Muzaffar

It’s not just the on-ground impact that the community has made but also garnered awards and recognition from prestigious organisations. My Report bagged Silver in the South Asian Digital Media Awards 2018 for being the ‘Best in Social Media Engagement’.

It also won a Silver in Digipub Awards 2019 for the ‘Best Audience Engagement On Site’ and ‘Best Use Of Social Media also in Digipub Awards 2019.

Many of our citizen journalists have no formal experience in reporting, but they do have the professional zeal for accurate observation and information. Citizen Reporters Charanjeet Minhas and his wife Renu Minhas shared the first exclusive photographs of the much-awaited Kartarpur Gurdwara in Pakistan before it was opened for Indian pilgrims on 8 November 2019.

Forty days after Article 370 of the Constitution was abrogated and the special status of Jammu and Kashmir effectively revoked, citizen reporter Raheel Khan decided to go back home to Srinagar from Delhi and report on the status in Kashmir for My Report.

To acknowledge and appreciate the citizen journalists’ efforts The Quint’s My Report team decided to award the citizen journalist with a certificate. All that a person has to do is report three stories for us to become a ‘My Report Journalist’ and get awarded with a certificate from The Quint.

If a citizen reporter becomes a regular contributor by submitting 10 or more stories, they win a certificate as well as the status of a ‘My Report Special Correspondent’. They also become eligible for payment.

If you’re looking to be The Quint’s citizen journalist, submit articles, videos, photographs and audio comments, by sending an email to [email protected] or WhatsApp us the details at 9999008335. We also have a dedicated Twitter handle: @quintmyreport

Share your story. Be the change.

About the author

Namita Handa

Editor, My Report

Namita Handa Jolly is the Editor of The Quint's citizen journalism platform, My Report. A community that actively participates and generates local, user-generated news content.

After completing her journalism degree from Sophia College For Women, Mumbai, Namita has been in the profession for the last 12 years. She started her career as a feature writer in a Mumbai-based daily newspaper DNA, and later moved on to work in the sports department.

Coming of (the Digital) Age, she made a quick switch to the then newly launched news website, The Quint. Digital media helped her relearn journalism, where space was not a constraint, time and brevity were the names of the game. Spending over five years with The Quint and experimenting with various forms of storytelling, she, along with her teammates, has collaborated with amateur journalists to harness their reach in reporting local stories.

For Namita, interacting with citizen journalists has been seamless due to her armed forces background. As a child, her family was posted in various parts of the country exposing her to diversified culture and languages which give her an edge in communications, along with building a strong bond with citizen journalists.

My Report – A Community Of, For and By the People