MOJO in Subsahara Africa from a KAS perspective

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  • Africa is an audio continent – data bundles are expensive, many phones are cheap and don’t support complicated apps.
  • Africa uses technology like WhatsApp to distribute new publications like “The Continent” or the Audio-Podcast “Whats Crap on WhatsApp”.
  • African journalist don’t have the time and resources to pretend that MobileJournalism or Investigative Journalism is an in-thing.
  • It is rather a tool, that is being used – then a fashion. 
  • A smartphone is less threatening than a real camera in many African societies.
  • Mojo means are being used in traditional TV, i.e. during a terror attack in Kenya or when a journalist discovers an environmental disaster and doesn’t have a cameraman at hand. 
  • Mind the regional differences: what is allowed on-camera in South Africa, can get you in jail in Mozambique or the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • NGOs and activists are using Mojo means – it’s the journalist’s task to show the difference between them and themselves.

Christoph Plate, Director Media Programme Subsahara-Africa, June 2020

About the author

Christoph Plate

Director, KAS Media Programme Subsahara Africa

Former Africa and Middle East correspondent and reporter for German and Swiss media. Now observing the developments in the media on a very important and often underestimated continent. KAS Media Africa facilitates discussions about business models for media, its credibility crisis and also encourages exchange between media owners and media controllers.