Code of conduct

Remote Participation

Welcome to the official guide to MOJO Asia 2020 Remote Participation  Code of Conduct. 

In order to ensure each one of us has a productive and enjoyable virtual experience attending MOJO Asia 2020, it is important that we agree to engage accordingly to the following terms:* 

*Please note: this list is by no chance exhaustive and we welcome any community feedback on salient points we may have missed.

  1. Acknowledge that any view of speakers/trainers does not reflect the view of the organisation: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
  2. Behave in a professional manner, demonstrating appropriate behaviour and treating fellow delegates in a respectful manner at all times so that individuals of all backgrounds and cultures are made to feel welcome
  3. Have a positive digital footprint
  4. Mind the appropriate writing style and grammar when conversing in text or speech and note that if a discussion needs further elaboration then it should be taken offline/bilaterally 
  5. Note that each live session is a shared learning space and perspectives shared may differ from yours and to keep an open mind
  6. Promote ideas, quotes and knowledge gained during the conference with integrity, citing source of content adequately with the hashtag #mojoasia2020
  7. Refrain from using derogatory or inflammatory language
  8. Respect all delegates and organising team members fairly and on equal terms
  9. Report harassment of any kind as it is prohibited 


The organisers: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung does not take cyber harassment or bullying lightly. Any delegate or community member found flouting the above rules will be removed immediately and from future events. 

Contact Organiser: Christoph Koitka , Research Associate, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Media Asia Programme  [email protected]

MOJO Asia 2020 is using Zoom as its official virtual meeting platform. Each live session will be available for view on Zoom and Youtube. However, questions will only be taken in the Zoom meeting room. So be sure to register to access the Zoom meeting room if you have any questions.

How Will Live Sessions Be Executed? 

Each live session will be managed by a Remote Participation Manager (RPM). 

Please be respectful towards the RPM as their job is to ensure everyone has a smooth experience connecting to Zoom and having a productive meeting. Some of you might know your RPM as we are engaging fellows from across our various initiatives to support and run these sessions with us. Do not be afraid to say hi to them during the session!

Role of an RPM (Remote Participation Manager)

Prior to the start of each session, the RPM will introduce himself/herself and encourage everyone to adhere to clear guidelines on how to engage with the separate chat and Q&A functions. 

The RPM will monitor questions asked and flag these to the moderator/trainer chairing the session. Should there be a lack of time, the RPM will provide speaker/trainer’s contact details in the chat function for bilateral follow up with any individual who requests for it.

Please note the RPM will also be summarising the main discussion points and taking screenshots of any related discussions. While you have the right to pose anonymously, we would highly encourage you to sign in with your name and affiliation so that it is visible when you participate and we know who to follow up with. Also your question could get posted on our social media channels.

How do I Use Zoom?

Zoom Meetings has created a ‘Joining a Zoom Meeting’ tutorial to show remote participants how to utilise Zoom Meetings. Simply follow this link.