Social Night

25 June 2020
19:00 SGT

Welcome to MOJO Asia’s Social Night ?

We have two events lined up for you tonight! 

First up is a Crypto Party at 7pm SGT where we’ll be interacting and engaging with ideas and information on the latest data protection hacks you’ve been meaning to upskill this whole time but just haven’t. We know, blame it on Netflix 😉 So join us in this workshop style format!

Next at 8pm SGT, we have a teams based activity but it is ok to come on your own, we’ll assign you to a team. Trivia night on all things MOJO! Prizes to be won and here’s where we test if you know enough about digital trends, smartphones, the Internet and of course, history of mobile journalism!

Intrigued? Register now – see you soon! 

  • 7pm: Crypto Party ?
    Register for this live session on Zoom.
  • 8pm: Trivia Night ?
    Register for this live session on Zoom.

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