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25-27 June 2020. Fully Online.

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We will follow our airing schedule (check it out in the AGENDA). Once published, the content will be accessible anytime. Hardcore MOJO heads can watch the whole conference in our continuous livestream on YouTube.

A very warm welcome to the World’s first fully virtual Mobile Journalism Conference ever!

Mojo is agile, it is affordable, it keeps a low profile, it is inspiring journalists around the globe to think outside the box. As such, it is the right tool to defend journalism in a world that finds itself in a prolonged state of emergency and will need to invent itself newly. Konrad Adenauer, the name giver of our organization, who took leadership in guiding the Germans back to democracy after the collective trauma of the Holocaust and WWII, coined the phrase: “When everybody else thinks it’s the end, we have to begin.” This is our mission. This is why we go fully virtual this year.

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